After going to the barber shop, you can wash, cut, blow and massage. It only costs a few tens of yuan to operate for 20-30 minutes. However, have you noticed that most hairdressers wear gloves when they wash their customers' hair. Have you ever wondered why? Next, let's explore the truth together.

Previously, it was reported on the Internet that many shampoo shops use large buckets of shampoo. And I don't even know the name of shampoo. Some hairdressers also said that this kind of shampoo can not be used frequently, and it is quite irritating. Even the employees don't use it. Indeed, a large bottle of this shampoo doesn't cost much. Washing a customer's hair may earn a bottle of shampoo.

There are some bad barbers who do this. But it can't be beaten to death. There are also some shampoos used by barbers that are better. So why do they wear gloves? The barber shop with gloves is not good for shampoo. Is it very stimulating?

In fact, many barbers cut and shampoo their hair every day. One person washes for 10-20 minutes, and his hands need to be soaked in water all the time. We don't wear gloves when washing clothes, which will wrinkle and turn white after a long time. The same happens when you soak your hair in water after washing it for a long time. In addition, there are indeed many people washing their hair one day. If they don't wear gloves, they may not be able to wash their hands for a few days.

In the process of hair dyeing and straightening, all hairdressers wear gloves. These potions are really irritating. When your hair is smeared with liquid medicine, do you feel your scalp itchy? This is caused by the stimulation of the liquid medicine to the hair. Everyone has different reactions to the liquid medicine. Some people have mild irritation, while others have severe irritation.

Therefore, when we go to the hairdresser and have a haircut, we should also understand their work when wearing gloves. Choose some good barber shops to avoid entering the pit.