When you are still wondering what synthetic rubber gloves are, this article will tell you the answer.

There are two kinds of rubber gloves. One is natural rubber, which refers to latex gloves, which can cause skin allergy. The other is synthetic rubber, which is the nitrile gloves we often see in our daily life. It can change the color of gloves without causing allergy.

Differences between nitrile gloves and latex gloves: 1. Different materials. Latex gloves use gloves made of natural rubber, while nitrile gloves are rubber gloves made manually; 2、 With different characteristics, the abrasion resistance, fit and puncture performance of NBR gloves and latex gloves are different; 3、 The colors are different. Due to the particularity of the material, Ding Qing gloves can be made by adding pigments, with various colors, while latex gloves are mostly milky white.

Different materials

Latex gloves are made of natural latex. The juice from the rubber tree is a kind of biosynthetic product. The quality of rubber gloves is different according to the origin and quality of the tree, including different climates. Butadiene gloves are made of acrylonitrile and butadiene, which are organic synthetic materials and artificial rubber. So we know that the raw materials are different, One is natural material, the other is synthetic material.

Different characteristics

The characteristics of Ding Qing gloves are different from those of latex gloves. First, the abrasion resistance of Ding Qing gloves. Because they are made of chemicals, and the accuracy of gloves is controlled, the abrasion resistance and puncture resistance of Ding Qing gloves are better than latex gloves. They are widely used in medical supplies. Most doctors wear Ding Qing gloves, and their puncture resistance is good when doctors use sharp tools, More secure.

Different colors

Ding Qing gloves are chemically synthesized, so pigment can be added to the raw materials, and the gloves produced can also show a variety of colors. The more common ones are blue and light blue, which are commonly used in medicine. Doctors can effectively relieve patients' tension by wearing these gloves, while latex gloves are mostly milky white.

How to choose gloves

1. When selecting gloves, they are selected according to different use scenarios. For example, doctors can choose Ding Qing gloves when selecting gloves. They have good wear resistance and fit. When using these gloves, they can not only protect themselves, but also ensure the flexibility and touch of their fingers. If they are used to type on the keyboard, they can choose half of the gloves to facilitate activities.

2. When doing some manual work, the gloves selected should be those with large wear-resistant patterns. Generally, the white knitted gloves can not only keep warm, but also protect the hands clean, and are easy to buy in the market. When using them in winter, try to buy leather gloves or wool gloves. Because it is cold in winter, using these gloves can effectively resist the cold wind.

3. Rubber gloves can be used for cleaning at home and doing housework, because rubber gloves have good waterproof performance, and can also ensure a certain touch. In winter, rubber gloves with fur inside can also be used to effectively protect hands and prevent hands from getting dirty.

4. There are also boxing gloves. If you like to play boxing, buying boxing gloves can effectively protect people's hands and wrists and enhance the effect of sports. They are special gloves.