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Latex was formerly called latex. Colloidal lotion formed by dispersing polymer particles in water. Generally, the water dispersion system of rubber particles is called latex; The water dispersion system of resin particles is called lotion.

It can be directly used as surface coating, film and adhesive. After processing, it can be made into raw rubber and latex products (such as sponges, gloves, balloons, condoms, medical hoses, etc.), which are widely used in daily life. It can be divided into natural latex, synthetic latex and artificial latex.

Natural latex

It flows out from rubber trees (see natural rubber) in milky white, with a solid content of 30% ~ 40% and an average rubber particle size of 1.06 μ m。 The fresh natural latex contains 27% ~ 41.3% (mass), 44% ~ 70% water, 0.2% ~ 4.5% protein, 2% ~ 5% natural resin, 0.36% ~ 4.2% sugar and 0.4% ash.

Ammonia and other stabilizers are often added to prevent natural latex from solidifying due to the action of microorganisms and enzymes. In order to facilitate transportation and processing, natural latex is concentrated to a solid content of more than 60% by centrifugation or evaporation, which is called concentrated latex. Natural latex is mainly used for sponge products, extruded products and impregnated products.