How To Clean Reusable Rubber Gloves To Prolong Use

Rubber gloves are a necessity for housekeeping. Be it in the kitchen or the bathroom, using rubber gloves helps keep your hands safe from germs and bacteria, from the chemicals in the cleaning agents, and accidents. This article will show you how to clean reusable rubber gloves to prolong your rubber gloves’ life so you can use them for a long time. We will also show you some tips and tricks on properly caring for your reusable rubber gloves.

Preparations Before Using Your Reusable Rubber Gloves

The first thing to do before using a reusable rubber glove is to check for tears. If a tear is visible, then you should replace that reusable rubber glove. A reusable rubber glove with a tear does not protect you from the germs and bacteria that might harm your skin. Then, wash your hands before using the gloves to ensure that the inside stays clean of dirt or grease. Now you are ready to use your gloves.

Proper Cleaning of Reusable Rubber Gloves

After you use the reusable rubber gloves, you have to clean your rubber gloves to prolong the use of those gloves. Here are the steps on how to clean reusable rubber gloves.

  • First, you have to rinse them thoroughly to get rid of any dirt or grease that is still outside your gloves.

  • Wash with soap and warm water. Then, rinse.

Do these steps while wearing so that your skin does not touch the exterior part of the gloves.

  • Hang them to dry.

  • After drying the exterior part, the next step is to turn the gloves inside out.

  • Then, wash and rinse them the same way you did with the exterior part.

  • You need to air out the gloves’ interior to prevent moisture build-up inside the rubber gloves. Moisture build-up results in the interior of the rubber gloves becoming sticky, and you might not consider reusing it for your next time cleaning.

Some Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Reusable Rubber Gloves

After teaching you how to clean reusable rubber gloves properly and store your reusable rubber gloves, here are some tips to prolong the use of your reusable rubber gloves.

First one, do not store it with sharp objects. Keep your knives, scissors, and other sharp objects far from your reusable rubber gloves to avoid unnecessary punctures on your gloves. A tear in a glove makes it wholly useless, so you should replace it.

Lastly, you have to use a different pair of gloves for every cleaning purpose. Have an extra set for the kitchen and the bathroom. These two sets of house chores are the most common where reusable rubber gloves are handy. You don’t want to use the gloves you use for washing the dishes to be the same gloves you use for scrubbing the bathroom. You can use different colors to avoid confusion or store them in different places.

Proper Storage of Reusable Rubber Gloves

After cleaning the gloves, the proper storage of reusable rubber gloves helps prolong the life of your reusable rubber gloves. First, make sure that the place where you keep your reusable rubber gloves is a clean and cool, dry place. Prevent moisture build-up in the storage area as this can affect the cleanliness of your gloves.

Lastly, avoid direct sunlight and heat in the storage of your reusable rubber gloves. Direct sunlight and heat will probably melt your reusable rubber gloves before you use them again.