Have you ever asked yourself this question? Sometimes it is difficult to know whether your disposable gloves are fitting properly. A proper fitting glove is vital to maximizing protection as well as comfort while wearing your gloves.
This week, we’ve rounded up some helpful tips for you to consider as you determine whether your disposable gloves fit you properly.
Food service gloves tend to have a looser fit, like vinyl gloves, because they are made for quick donning and doffing. Vinyl is not a material that conforms to the shape of your hand, so it is ok for it to have a bit of a looser feel, as long as it is not inhibiting you completing your task due to excess glove material.
Medical exam gloves and industrial gloves should have a tighter fit, as latex and nitrile are materials that are meant to conform to the shape of your hand. If these types of gloves fit too loosely, they can cause irritation on your skin. If they are too tight, they also become uncomfortable and can rip easily from stretching.
A pair of disposable latex or nitrile gloves should fit snuggly on your hands without feeling like your movement is restricted. It should feel like you’ve put on a “second skin”. Disposable gloves should allow you to complete tasks in the same efficiency and effectiveness as you would with bare hands.
You’ll know a glove is too large for you if you don’t even have to stretch the glove pull it onto your hand. And, obviously, there will be excess glove material near your fingertips and likely around your palm.
You’ll know a glove is too small if the glove has to significantly stretched to be put on your hand. With a glove that is too small you’ll also likely experience muscle fatigue more quickly and feel that your movements are inhibited by the glove