Speaking of disposable gloves, you may think of the transparent plastic gloves used when eating spicy crayfish on a summer night, or the white latex gloves on the hand of the dentist who extracted your teeth

In fact, in addition to transparent plastic gloves and white latex gloves, there are many gloves of other materials and colors. When we choose disposable gloves, we often encounter these problems:

1. why wear disposable gloves?

2. What is the difference between PE gloves and PVC gloves?

3. what is the difference between latex gloves and nitrile gloves?

4. what about allergy to latex gloves?

5. what is the difference between smooth gloves and pitted gloves?

6. what is the difference between powder gloves and non powder gloves?

To solve these problems, Xiaohui has compiled a detailed introduction to disposable gloves. Let's have a look~