With the increasing environmental pollution, many countries have started strict environmental policies. For example, restrictions on single-use plastic products.


Our country also issued a plastic ban in 2020, and began to control the production and sale of disposable plastic products in phases and regions.

Today, we will take the common disposable gloves in our daily life as an example and introduce to you how to identify the fully biodegradable disposable gloves.


When we are shopping for fully biodegradable disposable gloves, we can identify them from the following aspects.


1 Look at the product name


First of all, we have to find the product name on the top of the box, generally all biodegradable disposable gloves, all biodegradable disposable gloves, biodegradable disposable gloves, etc.. English name, generally 100% All biodegradable disposable gloves


If the name of the degradable product is not prominently displayed, it is possible that it is a non-degradable disposable glove.


2 Look at the ingredients


We can look for the material composition of the gloves on the top of the box. The composition of fully biodegradable gloves is generally polylactic acid (PLA) + polyadipic acid (PBAT), and some manufacturers will add corn starch for more softness.


3 see the degradation logo


In order to regulate the fully biodegradable products, the state has issued a unified degradation logo.


The graphic logo is a green smiley face pattern combined with a circular circle with arrow, double "j" (degradation initials), material abbreviation (such as PBAT, PLA, etc.), and six degradation environment names (optional). The meaning is that through the use of degradable plastics, the purpose of complete degradation without polluting the environment will be achieved under the corresponding conditions.


4 Touch


Disposable plastic gloves are hard to touch and colorless and transparent. Fully biodegradable disposable gloves are semi-transparent white and feel softer, a bit like silk.


5 Smell


Disposable plastic gloves, is colorless and odorless.


Take out the fully biodegradable gloves, put them to your nose and smell them. There will be a faint smell of grain, some people say it is caramel fragrance, the specific yourself can experience.


About the full biodegradable disposable gloves, it is introduced here, you can pay more attention to observe when shopping, so as not to spend a lot of money to buy a fake degradable disposable gloves.


For the sake of our own living environment, please buy products with degradation mark Oh!