Black latex gloves

What material is good for disposable gloves

Disposable medical latex inspection gloves have the characteristics of powder; High elasticity, barrier, easy to wear, more flexible operation, finger pockmarked surface improves anti-skid performance.

Characteristics of disposable medical latex inspection gloves without powder; High elasticity, barrier, easy to wear, more flexible operation, finger pockmarks improve anti-skid performance, and avoid powder allergy and pollution.

The above is the classification of disposable latex medical gloves and the performance characteristics of each type. The choice of medical gloves is mainly determined by the use habits of doctors. Remember not to wear rings or other sharp objects when wearing gloves,

How to choose good disposable gloves

1. See the material: disposable gloves are made of new polyethylene material. The new material is non-toxic and tasteless, with good transparency, safety and health, and can directly contact with food. Don't choose recycled material particles, which will be dark in appearance, even dark in color, with taste and poor hygiene.

2. Look at the appearance: the qualified ones have good sealing performance and no water leakage. In this way, they are not easy to be damaged in the face of greasy, water stains and dyes, and they have good toughness and strong tensile force. Only by wearing them can we protect our hands from oil stains.

3. See the thickness: the thickness of disposable gloves is directly related to the weight of a single gram. Generally speaking, the one with a large weight is thick, the one with a small weight is thin, and the thin one is cheap. However, the use rate is low and it is easy to be broken. The better the thickness, the higher the price. Such gloves have strong barrier property, are not easy to be damaged, and are more resistant to oil, water and pollution

4. Look at the size: choose the appropriate size and model, and pay attention to the suitability of the actual size. In order to be more accurate, you can first measure it before purchasing, generally measuring the length from the middle finger to the wrist, and the width of the palm. It is much easier to select the size of gloves according to the measured size, and it is convenient to select the appropriate size. It can't be too long, too short or too large. Generally, the common sizes are large, medium and small. Choose according to your own needs.

5. Look at the packaging: select the packaging marked with production license certification, health inspection report and inspection certificate; The outer package contains the most basic information such as production date, shelf life, production batch number, manufacturer's address, weight, length, width and thickness of the packaging gloves, and the safety of the products.

6. Look at the manufacturer: disposable gloves are produced by regular factories, with complete general qualifications, workshop standards and process production meeting industry standards. Do not choose small workshops or black factories. Health and after-sales services are not guaranteed.