Nitrile gloves are a rubber made from acrylonitrile and butadiene

What is the material of nitrile gloves?

Rubber powder (natural rubber and synthetic rubber)

NBR belongs to synthetic rubber

Seeking the formula and manufacturing process of nitrile gloves

The production process of nitrile gloves is the same as that of latex civil or medical gloves. It is obtained by baking carboxyl nitrile latex. The specific technical support comes from Li Xiuquan studio of rubber technology!

What does nitrile gloves mean

Nitrile gloves are gloves made of composite nitrile rubber (NBR) through production and processing. They refer to gloves made or coated with oil proof effect and are mainly used in factories, oil fields and repair plants. Nitrile gloves do not contain latex protein, so they will not cause allergic reaction, and have anti-static, anti-aging and oil resistance. The shape of the gloves is designed according to the human hand shape, with great sensitivity, excellent tensile performance and puncture resistance, high tensile strength and excellent wear resistance. Nitrile gloves are mainly made of nitrile rubber, which can be divided into two categories: powdered and non powdered. It is an essential hand protection product used in medical, pharmaceutical, health, food processing and other operation industries to prevent cross infection.