Secondary PVC Vinyl Gloves

Can medical grade PVC disposable gloves be used in food processing?

Disposable gloves are PVC or TPE, which material is better

Disposable gloves are definitely better than PVC. Generally, they are made of food grade gloves.

What are the uses of disposable PVC gloves?

Convenient and comfortable to wear, with anti - static performance, uniform color and guaranteed quality It has good flexibility and tactility, acid and alkali resistance, anti oil stain, anti penetration, anti bacteria, non-toxic, no color difference, no impurities, and no distinction between left and right hands. Hao Yatong disposable PVC gloves specification: s small, m medium, L large, XL Plus large

How do disposable PVC gloves harden after use? How to explain

PVC refers to polyvinyl chloride, which is vinyl chloride monomer in peroxide, azo compound and other initiators; Or a polymer polymerized by a free radical polymerization reaction mechanism under the action of light and heat.

PVC gloves need to be added with plasticizer to make them reach the service hardness. Since long-term use is not considered in the design of disposable PVC gloves, the stability of gloves used in non-medical and food industries is poor.