As we all know, disposable gloves are a common kind of protective equipment. They have a strong protective effect and can isolate viruses and prevent virus infection. Many people often use disposable gloves. Can I wash disposable gloves after use? Let's take a look at it in detail!

The answer is no, there are viruses. After the disposable gloves are used, they cannot be disinfected and sterilized by washing them with water. Some bacteria and viruses may remain on the gloves, which is not suitable for reuse.

Now the restaurant will provide disposable gloves for any food that needs to be grasped by hand, such as crawfish, pig's hand and pizza. Don't use disposable gloves too much in today's life! It is not only for eating, but also for doing anything that you don't want to dirty your hands. It is very convenient to throw it away directly after use. It is also suitable for making hand mask. The effect will be better if you take it for about half an hour. Of course, there are also non plastic materials, latex and so on, which are very convenient according to different uses.

Can disposable gloves be scalded with hot water

No, because disposable gloves can't be boiled with boiling water. Once boiled, gloves will become thinner, easily deformed, inconvenient to wear, and easily damaged.

The medical rubber gloves cannot be boiled in boiling water, because the rubber gloves will deform and shrink when heated, and this shrinkage cannot be used. Therefore, the rubber gloves cannot be boiled in hot water, and can be used again after being sterilized with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide (but they cannot be used in the medical environment when used again)!

The correct way to wear disposable gloves

1. Find the right size: Before wearing gloves, you must find disposable gloves that are suitable for your own hand size. If the size of gloves is not appropriate, they will be easily damaged, endangering the safety of users. For example, too tight gloves are easy to be punctured and torn, which will reduce the flexibility of the hands at the same time; Gloves that are too loose are prone to wrinkles and are difficult to grasp.

The wearer can straighten his fingers to determine whether the gloves are too small. If the gloves are stretched, they are too small. If the thumb and palm are damaged, the gloves may be too small.

2. Wear gloves: The first step is to wear gloves in a clean place. For example, in the laboratory, gloves should not be placed where they will come into contact with harmful chemicals. Because this will eventually cause the wearer's skin and chemicals to contact and cause health risks.

3. At the same time, before wearing gloves, remove all jewelry on your wrists and wash your hands. Dirty hands will contaminate the inside of gloves. In addition to protecting the wearer, this step can protect other people who will come into contact with the wearer. Medical staff will come into contact with patients, so they do not want pathogens or chemicals on patients' hands to contaminate gloves.

4. Once you have confirmed that the workbench and hands are clean, you can start wearing gloves. The key point is that the wearer should try to avoid touching the outside of the gloves. First, place the gloves on the work surface. Then, grab the glove with one hand. Put gloves on the dominant hand until the gloves reach the fingertips. Remember to touch only the inside of the glove. Again, put gloves on the other hand. Once both gloves are worn, the wearer can ensure that they fit the hand by touching the outside of the gloves.

Precautions for use of disposable gloves

1. Draw along the dotted line opening. Use gloves directly

2. Please do not put this product near the heat source or ignition source to avoid burning and scalding

3. Do not put it out of the reach of children to avoid suffocation and other dangers caused by playing

4. Do not touch sharp objects to avoid piercing

5. After use, please keep the environment clean

6. No matter right or left hand, please select gloves that are suitable for your hand size

7. When wearing gloves, do not wear rings or other accessories, and pay attention to trimming nails

8. It is strictly prohibited to directly expose to strong light such as sunlight or ultraviolet ray

9. Not suitable for long-term use, and not resistant to scratching, piercing, abrasion and cutting

10. This product can only be used once; Please treat the used products as medical waste to prevent environmental pollution caused by germs