Many people may not know that although the spark plug is small, it is a very important part for the automobile. I believe that car lovers should understand the importance of spark plugs. For example, the performance of spark plugs directly affects the running state of the engine. What are the specific functions and functions of spark plugs? Next, let me answer for you.

The spark plug can be said to be the heart of the engine. Without the spark plug, the engine cannot run. Therefore, the performance of spark plugs is related to the working performance and efficiency of the vehicle. The main function of the spark plug is to ignite. The electrode of the spark plug generates high-voltage electric volts to form an electric spark, ignite the mixed gas in the engine cylinder, explode and burn, thus pushing the piston to move. The engine then runs, and the car can be driven on the road.

The main parts of spark plug are insulator, housing, terminal and electrode. The insulator must have good insulation and thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength, and be able to withstand high temperature thermal shock and chemical corrosion. The material is usually industrial ceramics. The housing is a metal part, which is used to fix the spark plug on the cylinder head.

spark plug

The spark plug electrode includes the center electrode and the side electrode, and the spark gap is between them. The size of the clearance directly affects the starting, power, working stability and economy of the engine. The reasonable gap is related to the ignition voltage. Electrode materials must have good resistance to electric corrosion and corrosion and good thermal conductivity.

The common spark plugs are nickel alloy spark plugs, platinum spark plugs and iridium spark plugs. Generally speaking, the ignition performance of noble metal spark plugs is much better than that of ordinary nickel alloys, which can achieve the best power of the car. In addition, the service life of bi noble metal spark plugs is also relatively long. For example, ordinary nickel alloy spark plugs need to be replaced at about 20000 km, so the service life of precious metal spark plugs is longer. However, the maintenance intervals stipulated by different automobile manufacturers are not completely similar, and also depend on the specific use of spark plugs.

When it comes to automotive spark plugs, NGK spark plugs must be mentioned. In 1936, when the voice of the Japanese engine industry was rising, Teto Corporation was founded, which was also the earliest spark plug manufacturing factory in Japan. NGK spark plugs are internationally renowned for their long history and excellent performance. They are important parts suppliers of Toyota, Honda, Subaru, BBA and other auto companies, and have also made great achievements in various auto competitions in the world. It is a brand of supporting spark plugs adopted by many famous automobile manufacturers, providing supporting services for many brands of vehicles. Compared with ordinary spark plugs, NGK spark plugs have the characteristics of rapid heat dissipation and diffusion, and can improve the combustion efficiency and acceleration performance of gasoline.

These are the functions and functions of spark plugs. I believe you have realized the importance of spark plugs. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the maintenance of spark plugs, regular inspection and maintenance