Iz-49 "new electric motorcycle

Before the opening of the "Military-2020" forum, the "Kalashnikov" group presented its exhibits to journalists. Like other enterprises and companies entering the state-owned enterprise "Russian Technology" Group, "Kalashnikov", as one of the world's mainstream weapon manufacturers, is actively developing the production of non military products. For example, the production of motorcycles, which had almost disappeared in 25-27 years, was resumed.

Motorcycle production history

The Izhevsk Military Factory (later changed to a machinery factory) began to produce motorcycles in 1929, but the real large-scale production began in 1946 after World War II. Because of its reliable performance and high quality, Iz motorcycle was soon widely welcomed by the whole Soviet Union and abroad, not only in the "Third World" countries, but also in Western Europe.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, motorcycles made in Japan, Germany, the United States and China poured into Russia. In 2008, "Iz" stopped production. However, 10 years later, according to the initiative led by "Russian Technology" Group and "Kalashnikov" Konzern, "Izhevsk Machinery Factory" restarted the motorcycle project. The government delegation's fleet of heavy escort vehicles was its first project.

"Iz-49 electric" is a replica of a model in the Soviet period, but it has not been delivered in a large scale. Alexander Matrosov, the person in charge of the "Iz-49 electric" project, said so in an interview with the satellite news agency.

He said: "This vehicle is equipped with air-cooled brushless motor, with a peak power of 15 kW, and can travel 80 kilometers per charge, and the speed is 90 kilometers per hour. The wheels are 19 x 16 inches like classic motorcycles. This model is only one. If it leaves the factory, the number is extremely limited, and it can only be customized, and it is manually assembled. For our other projects, we decided not to use internal combustion engines, and we believe that the future will be electric drive. ”