In the most competitive 400cc class in the 1990s, the four families all have different flagship models, while Suzuki, with a unique model lineup, has Bandit "Bandit" series and Katana "Knife" series, which we believe are familiar with.

At that time, the trend of street cars in Japan had reached its peak. However, when there were two successful series of models, Suzuki also introduced a street car, the Impulse 400, which may not be as famous as them. Although the design of the other two series was conservative, it did not affect the popularity of the "stimulus" at that time. The large sales volume made there were many water cars in coastal cities in China at that time. I grew up in Hailufeng and chose my first street car, Suzuki "Stimulation", in the era when CB was rampant. What kind of attraction does it have?

In the era of CB series

I also rode it to explore the trip in those years, and this seaside photo taken in Xunliao Bay, Huizhou, Guangdong, still remains in my album.

In the strong demand, even if it had stopped production, it has also been revived.

In the high-profile 400cc era, Suzuki's "stimulus" had appeared in 1986, but production stopped soon. Then in 1989 Suzuki launched the Bandit "Bandit" series. The single shock absorber and split handle make the "Bandit" more sporty and more like a racing car.

In order to compete with traditional street cars in the market, Suzuki reintroduced the GSX400 Impulse as a new model in 1994. Although it shared the same name as the 1986 model, it was completely different except for the name.

Bandit Suzuki 400

Bandit Suzuki 400

Reborn GSX IMPULSE "stimulus" 400 (1994)

Reborn GSX IMPULSE "stimulus" 400

The engine is taken from the 1992 Katana "Knife" 400, a water-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 4-valve parallel 4-cylinder engine, with a displacement of 399cc. It uses a double cradle frame, small butterfly shaped steering handle, thick seat cushion, and mid foot pedal to form an upright driving posture. Although the appearance is relatively standard, the performance is impressive.