Adventure racers from all over the world gather here to compete their strength through various activities in a global competition. Riders from 21 countries ride 1230 kilometers in Eastern Europe and Albania

Strengthen the brand professionalism and popularity of Senna by sponsoring world-class motorcycle competitions

The world's largest off-road motorcycle competition "GS Trophy" hosted by BMW Motorrad was held in Albania, Eastern Europe for the eighth time this year. As the celebration of "GS Motorcycle" riders, this competition started in Tunis, North Africa for the first time in 2008, and traveled to and from the world's mainland. It is an international event held by BMW Motorrad every two years. It is not just a racing event, but a challenge activity to complete multiple tasks through riding skills and physical strength, communication with members, etc. "GS" is a prefix taken from German "Gelande", which means "off-road", and "Stra ß e", which means "road". "GS motorcycle" refers to a motorcycle that can run on or off.

 BMW Motorrad

Because it is a worldwide event, only the leading enterprises that are most suitable for off-road rough environment have the opportunity to participate as partners. Sena Technoloy, the world's first enterprise in the field of wireless communication equipment for motorcycles, signed an official partnership agreement with BMW Motorrad in 2020. For the safety and communication of competitors, it has always sponsored wireless communication equipment installed on helmets. For this activity, we sponsored more than 140 "50R" products of our company and supported the communication of riders participating in the competition.

GS "Yes" means "Off road“

Including China, 57 players from 21 countries including the United States, Brazil and Germany participated in this year's event. A total of 6 players from China Dragon Dragon Team and China Phoenix PHOENIX Team participated in this competition.

According to the contestants participating in the competition, "Senna's wireless communication equipment for motorcycles is an essential equipment in the GS Trophy and other competitions that require several days of riding and communication with the team members in the harsh cross-country environment".

In addition, he said, "Sena's wireless communication equipment is necessary for riders in any environment, such as solo riding, team riding, cross-country riding, highways, entrants, and skilled riders." "Although it is already a world-famous brand, I hope to meet you in a good face in international activities in the future."