Best motorcycle dash cam in 2022

Where motorcycle helmet cameras can be great in capturing your motorcycle adventure, a motorcycle dash cam is intended to provide you safety on and off the road. These cameras keep an eye on your motorcycle by surveilling it from different angles. That is why they are one of the best motorcycle cameras and very famous among motorcycle riders.

Now we all know that security is the primary concern for human beings living in the 21st century. Whether we are at home or on the road, we are looking for something that won’t let us compromise our security right to life. Therefore, with the rising number of road accidents, the motorcycle dash cam has become a necessity. These tinny devices will capture your road trip and document an accident should it happen. They will also provide you with all necessary evidence like number plates of vehicles in case of hit and run and will help you capture footage of incidents like road rages that can be used in courts.

But at the same time, we want to live fully by making memories. Similarly, being motorbikers, we live with small dreams such as recording our fullest speed or a beautiful timelapse on the way. No wonder, why we need an electronic companion to tell our real story to the world by capturing those moments. Yes, the helmet camera is a great invention. But a dash cam will always complete the picture for you by giving in the input from every other angle not covered by your motorcycle helmet camera.

Just like car dash cams, these motorcycle dash cams come in different styles and sizes. You have choices of single-channel dash cams and multi-channel dash cams that combines a motorcycle backup camera with the front camera. You have those that come with the LCD screens or you can choose the hidden ones that blend with your bike’s exterior. But whatever the style and size, these cameras come with excellent modern-day features like impact and motion detection, night vision, loop recording, and parking mode. They can benefit from WiFi connectivity and offer GPS service for easy navigation and location tracking. And just like car dash cams, the advantages that motorcycle dash cam brings are too many to be ignored.

Now when the market is overflowed with different motorcycle camera systems, choosing the right device at a reasonable price is always a tough job for customers. So, let us help you as we have tested and ranked the best dash cams. And we know what’s best for your motorcycles. Check our reviews.

 AUKEY DR02 Dash Cam

Best dual motorcycle dash cam with night vision 2022

Aukey DR02 is a great dashboard camera for motorcycles. It is a wedge-shaped camera, bringing you the basic features of a moto dash cam. It features automatic recording, loop recording, and has a g-sensor. The dual dash cams have a resolution of 1080p, and it is a perfect camera for nighttime rides. It manages to deliver sharp images with perfect clarity. Likewise, the daytime video quality is more clear. The colors are vibrant and bright.

The camera automatically records driving incidents and protects the video. It is an entry-level dash camera; however, the material quality is quite good at this price. The outer body parts are mostly plastic and water-resistant. DR02 sports a 170° viewing angle. It gives the best motorcycle video, covering most of the views in front of the bike. Unlike, other cameras with wide-view angle lenses, DR02 controls distortion and manages to give clear results. Time-lapse is possible with DR02. You can manually select the mode and start recording a wonderful time-lapse.

The camera is very easy to use. It has a small screen of 1.5-inch and no control buttons on the screen. In addition, the Aukey dash cam is heat resistant. Instead of a battery, it has an internal super-capacitor. The device powers on with the motorbike and gets switch-off when you turn off the bike engine.

Motowolf M6 Motorcycle Recording Camera

Best motorcycle dash board camera 2022

When it comes to Motorbike cameras, it would be unfair to discuss MotoWolf M6. It is one of the best motorcycle cameras that shoot 1080p/720p videos with its front and rear cameras. The highly performing Sony IMX323 CMOS sensor can cover a 155-degree view angle. With F.18 aperture, it captures up to 30% more light for clear night visions.

The DVR unit of the camera has a 2.7-inch LCD, which displays the results of the front and rear cameras. Along with other significant features, the multi-lingual support allows you to set your camera in your language. The camera has a compact body rated IP68 waterproof, excellently performing in foggy or stormy weather. The built quality of the camera is tough; any harsh weather exposure would not affect its performance. With a built-in G-sensor, the videos are locked automatically whereas GPS records the riding route by displaying it on the screen.

The built-in Wi-Fi is helpful to connect the camera with a mobile phone, as it is challenging to operate the device. The app makes it easier to access the device from the phone and share videos via phone with others. In addition, it has a wired remote controller to assist you in locking videos for up to 15 seconds. It saves your wonderful moments on the road. The camera is simple and convenient to use.

VSYSTO Motorcycle Recording Dash Cam

Best motorcycle security camera with screen 2022

It is a waterproof dash cam for a motorcycle, with a tough and durable shell. It comes with an innovative Tire Pressure Monitoring System, which helps you to view your motorcycle tire pressure via the screen. It can be beneficial for avoiding any inconvenience or accident during a long journey. You just need to install a tire pressure sensor on your tire. At the same time, you can monitor the driving speed via this cam.

This high-quality motorcycle dash camera gives you outstanding results. The night vision is super-fine, allowing you to record clear videos even at night. Another amazing thing, this lens brings to you is its WDR technology that helps the cam to capture every detail in both poor and strong light areas of the video. Likewise, the 4.5-inch IPS screen performs impressively by blocking infrared rays and minimizing reflection.

The VSYSTO motorbike camera is easy to operate and allows loop recording. With the help of built-in Wi-Fi, videos can be transferred to the mobile phone in real time. The thing I like about this motorcycle camcorder is that it automatically starts recording when you start the bike. This automatic functioning saves you from continuous monitoring of the camera during the video record, whereas the supercapacitor records the emergency video at the last moment when bike power gets off due to collision. Besides, the metallic mount will help you to fix it firmly.

HaloCam M1 Motorcycle Recording Camera

Best dashcam with screen for motorbikes 2022

Halocam M1 is another famous motorbike camera, with dual camera (rear/front) settings. These waterproof cameras are connected to a central DVR on the motorbike, so these automatically start recording once the bike is started. Motorcycle video cameras need to be more durable because they are highly exposed to the outdoors. Therefore, M1 protects its exterior with a plastic sleeve on one side. When it comes to video quality, both rear and front cameras are doing a great job. You will get Full HD images and videos with a wide angle of 155°.

This motorcycle dash camera is very popular among customers on the internet. It is very convenient to install and use. The package assists its users in installation. You will find each wire or connector coded with color, which will help you to figure out the setting up of the device on your bike. You can mount it by following the directions within a few minutes.

When it comes to low light performance, Halocam M1 is an expert. It features an F1.8 aperture that captures enough light to give you perfect and clear night images. With the help of HaloCam Moto App, you can control the cameras from your mobile phone via a Wi-Fi connection. The app also helps you to edit or add music to your video clip. The camera supports loop recording and you can also lock the videos with lock protection. It will avoid overwriting on locked video.

VSYSTO 150° Wide Fish Eye Motorcycle Dash Cam

Best fish eye motorcycle cam 2022

The VSYSTO Fish Eye Camera Motorcycle Recording Dash Cam comes with a dual-lens set-up, easy to mount either front or back of your motorbike. It is one of the ideal motorcycle cams, which can be directly connected to your power supply and starts recording when you start your bike. No need to worry about charging batteries or dealing with battery mess while recording a video on a ride.

Different motorcycle camera reviews mention the dash cams with dual-lens to be more reliable and recommendable cameras. However, both lenses must have good resolution. Likewise, the VSYSTO Fish Eye biker cam features a 1080p resolution front and rear camera. The 6-full glass lenses are specially designed for motorbikes and are secure to record road situations. It will help you to record accidents on the road and keep you safe from any unfortunate legal procedure by providing you with evidence. Besides, it gives a 150 Degree wide angle, covering much of the surrounding. With this motorbike camera, you will get perfect night vision with its f1.8 aperture. There is a 3-inch LCD screen, G-sensor, and built-in Wi-Fi to share videos anytime.

A motorcycle dashcam is a great companion to record your journey either for security purposes or entertainment. We have tested it on rainy days, it has a great water resistance capability. Moreover, the anti-glare polarizing filter minimizes the reflection effects and provides better light during recording.