Is it necessary to install a motorcycle tachograph? The answer is yes. Especially in the domestic traffic, there are more and more cars, motorcycles, battery cars, etc. on the road, while the quality of traffic participants is uneven, such as driving to watch mobile phones, yellow lights at intersections, etc. Many motorists also think that motorcycles are non motorized vehicles and intentionally leave them alone. The motorcycle tachograph is a preventive measure for a person who obeys the rules, and a mandatory constraint for a person who does not obey the rules.


On one hand, it can prevent people from being deliberately driven and hit by porcelain. Now there are so many electric cars and small cars. Some of them do not obey the traffic rules and rush to the road. It is easy to get caught by a ghost probe accidentally. It is also common for people to have four wheels and two wheels, and hit and run frequently. And it is better to install them both in front and back, so that there can be evidence in case of an accident. Second, you can record cycling stories, scenery along the way, and record your cycling life on social platforms.

Since I rode my bike several times in dangerous situations, I feel more and more necessary to use a tachograph.