Motorcycle tachographs are mainly divided into two types, one is fixed motion camera, the other is mainframe type front and rear cameras, which have advantages and disadvantages of each other:

Advantages and disadvantages of motorcycle recorder

Advantages: 1. The battery is used for power supply without continuous charging. 2. Additional rear camera can be added for more comprehensive recording. 3. The car starts when it starts and shuts down when it stops, which is convenient.

Disadvantages: 1. The installation is troublesome, so you need to ask the master to help you install. 2. Fixed visual angle, not suitable for recording driving life. 3. Video export is not convenient

Advantages and disadvantages of motion camera

Advantages: 1. Compared with most motion cameras, the picture quality will be better and clearer. 2. The first person perspective is suitable for recording the cycling process. 3. The installation is convenient and you can do it yourself.

Disadvantages: 1. Poor endurance, requiring frequent charging. 2. The rear view angle cannot be recorded. 3. Increase the weight of helmet

Conclusion: The motorcycle recorder does not need to be disassembled. It is powered by batteries and has cameras at the front and back. It is suitable for dealing with emergencies. The sports camera has a short life, but it is anti shake and has good picture quality. It is suitable for recording the riding life and sending it to the social platform.